Palmetto Pride

Fighting litter in South Carolina.

Palmetto Pride is South Carolina’s anti-litter organization educating citizens on litter’s impact, supporting litter law enforcement, driving awareness of the issue, and facilitating litter pick up efforts statewide.

Beam & Hinge worked closely with Palmetto Pride deliver a site that inspires stewardship of the state’s natural resources, makes it easy to become involved in anti-litter efforts, and celebrates the contributions of citizens to keeping roads, rivers, beaches, paths, and neighborhoods litter-free.

Our Role

Responsive Web Design, Web Development

Business Location

Columbia, SC




Beam & Hinge not only understood our organization -- our mission, goals -- they also understood our creative vision just from conversations. I always look forward to our meetings when I can listen to the new creative and tech smart ideas they can bring to our organization to make us more successful.

Nicole Meares, PalmettoPride

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