Kalmia Gardens of Coker University

Our Approach

Located in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina on a former 19th-century plantation, Kalmia Gardens is a 35-acre public botanical garden and historic house open to the public.

The website creates a memorable and enjoyable browsing experience for site visitors by leveraging compelling and vibrant photos of Kalmia Gardens’ plants with clear navigation for easy exploration.

Lourie Agents

Our Approach

Part of Lourie Life and Health,  the Lourie Agents FMO Support team has over 100 years of combined experience helping clients and agents within Medicare, Health, and Life insurance. LourieAgents.com was developed to educate potential agent partners as to the benefits of working with Lourie Life and Health, and to encourage them to contact and contract with the organization.

The website features clear navigation for easy exploration, as well as videos and testimonials advocating the positive impact of Lourie Agents on the careers of its agent partners.

Belser Law Firm

Our Approach

Belser Law Firm provides contemporary legal expertise built on a tradition of excellence. Building off of four generations of legal practice in Columbia, SC, the firm has several practice areas that position it well to be a small or medium sized business’s general outside counsel.

The Belser Law Firm website, built and designed by Beam and Hinge, showcases the firm’s expertise with easy access to attorney bios, practice areas and an easy-to-update blog for the firm to share news and updates.

Conservation Voters of South Carolina

Our Approach

Conservation Voters of South Carolina advocates for a safe, clean and healthy South Carolina through executing legislative accountability programs, fundraising for conservation efforts and engaging SC citizens in their work.

Beam & Hinge built a website for CVSC that accomplished more while requiring less. Through smart design and development, the Beam & Hinge team delivered a site that better educates visitors on issues vital to SC’s natural environment and reliably call users to meaningful action. The CVSC website features modern, engaging and mobile-responsive design.

Blue Grass Community Foundation

Our Approach

Blue Grass Community Foundation connects charitable individuals, families, businesses, and organizations in Central and Appalachia Kentucky with causes they care about to meet community needs. BGCF turned to Beam & Hinge to create a site that encouraged participation by new donors and made it easy for organizations to apply for support.

With clear calls to action, a robust community engagement focus, and effective third-party donation integration, we created a site that highlights the potential of the individual to impact change in their community.

Atlanta Youth Academy

Our Approach

Atlanta Youth Academy has fostered the intellectual, social, physical and religious growth of young people in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1997. AYA approached Beam & Hinge to build a compelling, action-oriented website that would encourage philanthropy, engagement and celebration of learning.

The AYA website features simple, intuitive navigation enabling users to access specific information quickly and easily. The website also highlights the stories of students and staff members through a database-driven news section allowing valuable updates to be easily managed and posted.

Whitmore School

Whitmore School is a virtual private school offering high school diplomas to students across the United States and internationally. The school offers a compelling alternative education to students who need more flexibility than what the traditional school setting tends to offer.

Our Goals

Palmetto Pride

Palmetto Pride is South Carolina’s anti-litter organization educating citizens on litter’s impact, supporting litter law enforcement, driving awareness of the issue, and facilitating litter pick up efforts statewide.

Beam & Hinge worked closely with Palmetto Pride deliver a site that inspires stewardship of the state’s natural resources, makes it easy to become involved in anti-litter efforts, and celebrates the contributions of citizens to keeping roads, rivers, beaches, paths, and neighborhoods litter-free.

Buncombe Street Methodist Church

Buncombe Street Methodist Church has been a fixture in the Greenville community for over 150 years. Today, the thriving congregation meets across two campuses and is known for its dedication to serving the community and the church.

Beam & Hinge worked with Buncombe Street to create a website that captures the church’s rich history and propels the church forward with the energy characteristic of its congregation. With a design created to bring value to multiple audiences, the website serves as an engaging welcome for visitors and a robust resource for the congregation. Stories from real people whose lives have been touched by Buncombe Street are featured throughout the site, highlighting the profound impact the church has on the Greenville community.

Parrish & Partners

Our Approach

Parrish & Partners is a regional engineering leader in aviation and transportation. The firm sought a new digital presence that would showcase the quality of its work, support the bidding process, and help recruit new employees.

We utilized modern design motifs to emphasize the firm’s forward-thinking culture, visually highlighted projects throughout the site, and featured employee testimonials to humanize the firm.